Premium Steel Stanchions Barriers With Extension Belts

Our Olney, Illinois facility uniquely combines manufacturing expertise with modern equipment to efficiently and cost-effectively produce a wide range of counterweights.

Since 1997, we have been based in Olney, Illinois. Our modern steel-strand facility is 110,000 square feet including manufacturing and warehousing. Our shipping facility includes six dock-height doors with dock levelers. Our blow-molding operation, utilizes our 10 accumulator head blow-molders ranging from 1/2 pound to 25 pound shot size. We also maintain a unique high-speed filling operation utilized in a wide range of products. Our facility includes three outside silos and three large bunkers. We run three shifts of molding operations. Our facility is managed by a team of experienced and degreed professionals with a combined 100 years of manufacturing experience.

Safety is the priority with these Premium Steel Stanchions Barriers with extended 13-Foot Retractable Belts.

These Steel Stanchions are perfect for safely controlling crowds, directing the flow of foot traffic, or protecting restricted areas for construction or service.

Unlike other stanchions that begin to wobble over time, US Weight Premium Stanchions will never lean or require maintenance due to the patented Sta-Straight Technology. Designed with four points of contact under continuous tension plus a high-strength compression collar, this spring-tension system, keeps the post upright even after extended use. This Stanchion also features an innovative QuickSecure 5-second setup and teardown that requires no tools for easy twist-and-lock assembly. The belt receptacles feature a spring safety locking button preventing the belt from easy or accidental release. 

The base of this Premium Stanchion is made with durable, scratch-resistant high-density polyethylene and filled with Duracast, a very high strength concrete. A 12-unit wheeled Stanchion Cart for easy storage and deployment is available.