Wall-Mounted Retractable Belts

Crowd Controller provides the best crowd control solutions on the market, all of which are manufactured in the United States. We are a Florida based company with extensive experience working hand in hand with our clients to ensure all their needs are met and exceeded through every step of the crowd control process. We provide a wide array of products, but our wall mounted retractable belt barriers are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to their convenience. and cost-effectiveness.

What exactly is a Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier? And why should I choose one over a conventional crowd control solutions?

A crowd control device that may be attached to any wall or other surfaces. It features a retractable belt, and multiple mounting types and cases. These belts can be utilized to indicate to employees are visitors that access. Beyond this point is not allowed. Belts come in a variety of colors and lengths, and they even allow you to print messages on them.

Wall mount sanctions are designed to allow you to mount your retractable belts directly to numerous different types of surfaces. For an example of our customers have attached them to pipes, walls, post-show, rack and other metal surfaces. The versatility and durability of the product make it an essential tool for those concerned with crowd management.

A useful workplace safety tool

Keeping workplaces safe has become a primary concern of all employers; our products have proven to be extremely useful to business owners who are looking to decrease their insurance overheads and increase their safety standards. They have become increasingly popular in the Americas nearly 20,000 warehousing units, as year-on-year workplace face injury claims cost businesses has nearly 100 million lost workdays.

To prevent these happening businesses are investing heavily in health and safety products. Are wall mount retractable belt systems are easy to install and operate. Our products can provide a vital cog in the health and safety chain for many companies.

What problems can they solve in the workplace?

  • Can be deployed in seconds without having to search around for cumbersome stanchion posts
  • Remove the need to stanchion posts altogether, which are only another potential workplace hazard.
  • Easy to deploy in case of an emergency, the magnetic forms are particularly effective
  • Can be customized to show messages in high visibility colors
  • They can be colour-coded to indicate the presence of different hazards; orange indicated machinery is in operation.
  • Situation specific messages can also be printed on them to prevent any confusion.
Useful for organizations that welcome large numbers of people daily

Wall-mounted retractable belt barriers can be deployed for crowd control management.

If you are organizing an event or operating a business that welcomes members of the public, the safety of customers should be a priority. These wall-mounted solutions can be a crucial tool in any crowd management system. Here are some functions they can fulfill:

  • One of the most notable advantages to using wall mounted retractable stanchions allow for the reduction of wait times, by making it easy to create an organized lineup.
  • Another essential feature of these crowd control measures is the efficiency with which institutions can plan, adjust, set up and take down any measures you put in place.
  • Many companies or organizers forget that a temporary barrier without context is highly likely to either cause confusion or be ignored. Where does a line start, at the more significant event, what is the line? Is this the line for beer? All this confusion is abe avoided through the use of customizable retractable belts.
  • Wall-mounted solutions are used in many different environments, be it an outdoor or indoor event or store, convention centre or souvenir shop. Utilizing temporary wall mounted stanchions allow you to adjust the barriers to suit your needs

An effective event management solution

If your company is involved in large scale event management, you are keenly aware of the need for effective crowd control solutions, as they allow you to react to any situation in a fluid and efficient fashion. Here are some reasons that you should choose our wall-mounted retractable belt barriers.

  • They allow for fast and efficient ticket checking, to ensure that only ticket holders gain entry to the event
  • Allow for secure and safe verification of attendees for any items or substances that they aren't allowed bring into the event
  • Our barrier systems allow for expert configuration, thus maximizing capacity and profits for organizers
  • It helps to organize and manage the crowds to prevent and to push or fighting that might result from line skipping that occurs at far too many events.
  • They make the job of your security personnel more accessible and frees them up to monitor the crowd for more pressing matters that may need their attention
  • Crowd control measures allow specific areas of a venue to be clearly and efficiently separated.

Key features of our products

  1. All our belts are produced with durability in mind in a herringbone pattern.
  2. It is specially outfitted with a belt-braking technology to reduce retraction rates and limit any damage to the retraction system.
  3. Swift and simple to assemble with flexible fixed wall mountings, detachable wall mountings, magnetic wall mountings, or clampable mounting alternatives.
  4. All our products come with various protective casing choices including black or stainless steel,l as well as ABS plastic coverings.
  5. Each device with conventional belt ends that are compatible with all larger stanchion brands.
  6. You can also choose from a selection of s-clip belt ends or magnetic ends which do away with the requirement for a permanent receiver to be mounted at all. These can be wrapped around a stationary object and reattached to the belt.

Keeping people safely out of restricted or employee access areas, efficiently directing them in the correct direction in an organized fashion, primarily if you are operating in a venue or area that does not lend itself to conventional barrier solutions. Wall-mounted retractable belt barriers from Crowd controllers offer cost-effective products that are easy to operate and store discretely needing the minimum of space. All of which are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure your workers and customers are kept safely organised.