Ropes and Accessories

Smooth Even Drape

Our ropes are made with heavy-duty cotton core, weatherproof twisted polypropylene or tightly woven braids all of which provide a smooth elegant drape between posts. Covers from plush velour or rich Naugahyde are available in a range of popular colors that can be matched with snap or hook ends in a variety of finishes.


Plush Look & Feel

The heavy-duty cotton core construction of this rope provides a smooth even drape between any type of rope stanchion. The plush velour cover is available in a choice of seven colors and can be supplied with either snap or hook ends


The Look of Leather

This rope features a rich leather-like cover over a heavy-duty cotton core. Available in five colors the Naugahyde cover looks and feels like leather but has the durability and easy cleaning properties of vinyl.


Luxurious to Touch

Our Braided Rope is made from hard-wearing rayon and has a soft luxurious feel that makes it ideal for rope stanchion applications such as banks, casinos, and churches.

Twisted Polypropylene

Ideal for Outdoors

Polypropylene is strong, lightweight, UV resistant, and can be stored wet making this rope ideal for outdoor use (Note: rope ends and rope stanchions must be specific for outdoor use). This rope has a tight weave and we heat seal the ends to eliminate fraying.

Economy Foam Core Velour

Affordable Luxury

When budgets are tight our Economy ropes are the ideal solution. These ropes are made from high-density foam with a chain core which provides better draping characteristics than other ropes in this price category.