RopeMaster Economy

If the budget is your concern, but you don't want to lose quality and sophistication, The RopeMaster collection offers the value of traditional velvet rope stanchions at an affordable price.

Featuring three post-top styles and two base tapes. There is a RopeMaster model for every occasion.

Floor Protection

Full Circumference Floor Protector as a Standard feature

RopeMaster rope stanchions feature the best heavy-duty rubber ring floor protection in their class, Full contact floor protection around the circumference of the base will last the life of the barrier.

Forged Rope Loop

Superior Strength

Most stanchions in this price range have stamped metal rope loops but RopeMaster features the same forged ring found on our premium Elegance range. This feature makes RopeMaster indistinguishable from other high-priced stanchions.

Pot-Top Signage

Full Range of Sign Frames

Our full range of post-top signage can be supplied for any crown or flat top stanchion (signage cannot be fitted to ball top models). To fit sign frames the rope stanchion top is tapped with a thread which the frame screws into.