Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and a cast iron base, QueuePro is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, retail stores, stadiums, and arenas.

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Crowd Control Barriers Stanchions QueuePro 200 Fixed with 11 FT Belt


When a queue system layout is permanent, fixing the barriers keeps their alignment which saves having to straighten the runs as can happen with portable barriers. For permanent fixing, the barrier is fitted with a 5” flange that enables it to be surface mounted to the floor. A decorative flange cover is also available.


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Barriers Stanchions QueuePro 200 Fixed with 11 FT Belt

  • Height: 40"
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Post OD: 2.5"
  • Base Diameter: 5"
  • Construction:0.055 gauge Stainless Steel / Iron Cast Base
  • Color options: Stock: Black, Polished Stainless, Satin Stainless.
  • 2 WEEK LEAD TIME on other 25+ custom powder coat and plating finishes.
  • Floor protector: Full circumference rubber floor protector
  • Belt Length: 11' / 13'
  • Belt Length: 2"
  • Belt Material: Heavy duty woven nylon
  • Belt Colors: 16 colors and 4 safety messages from stock.
  • Belt Printing: Preprinted messages or custom logos & designs available / Screen and dye sublimation
  • Packaging: Ships flat packed in two pieces,2 barriers per box 
  • Assembly: Simple assembly, no tools required
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects

  • Barriers Stanchions QueuePro 200 Fixed with 11 FT Belt

    Barriers Stanchions QueuePro 200 Fixed with 11 FT Belt

    Barriers Stanchions QueuePro 200 Fixed with 11 FT Belt


    A metal plating, applied to the stanchion using the electroplating process. Chrome is the finish most people are familiar with, but nickel, copper and brass can also be plated. Dyes can be added to the process creating a patina like finish to replicate aged or antique metals.


    Stanchions are colored using the powder coat process. Color is applied in powder form and then baked in a high temperature oven that makes the powder flow and form a skin on the stanchion that is tougher and more durable than paint. There are over 200 colors in the Queue Solutions range.

    QueuePro Features

    Fixed Base

    Surface Mounting

    When a queue system layout is permanent, fixing the barriers keeps their alignment which saves having to straighten the runs as can happen with portable barriers. For permanent fixing the barrier is fitted with a 5” flange that enables it to be surface mounted to the floor. A decorative flange cover is also available.


    Standard Floor Socket

    For permanent queue layouts but where occasional removal may be necessary a socket is set into the floor and the barrier is fitted with an insert which slides into the socket. A cap fits flush with the socket flange for safe closure when the barrier is removed. 


    Mini Floor Socket

    Stanchions are supplied with a threaded stud that screws into the Mini Floor Socket. The mini socket has a 1” diameter and 2” depth and is installed flush with the floor surface. This socket is discrete when the post is removed and hidden when the post is in place.

    Premium Build

    Heavy Gauge Steel and Cast Iron Base

    Manufactured from 0.55 gauge steel with a 15lb cast iron base, QueuePro’s heavy duty construction is designed to give a long service life in high traffic waiting lines and where the barriers are moved frequently.