Putting Your Store Back in Order after the Holidays


With the holiday season quickly coming to an end, it may be time to rethink your business’s crowd control barriers. When the holiday shopping season was in full swing, you may have found it necessary to rearrange your barriers or bring in extras just to keep the lines and crowds under control. Now that the most hectic part of the season is behind us, you can adjust your barriers to make your business more welcoming to your regular customers.

When the holiday shoppers were crowding into your store, it may have been necessary to add more control barriers, such as ropes and signs directing customers. These were needed because the crowds can be overwhelming during the holidays, and you wanted to ensure the comfort, as well as the safety, of your customers. With the rush gone, for the most part, you can remove those extra signs and barriers. This will allow you to restore the natural flow of your store, as well as restore its welcoming appearance — sometimes, all of those signs and barriers can become quite the eyesore!

Getting your current barriers back in order, assuming you utilize crowd control options, is quite easy. The primary thing to think about is keeping your customers comfortable, happy, and safe. You want to arrange your barriers to prevent customers from going places where they could get hurt, and you want to arrange them to keep your checkout line flowing at a rapid pace. Try to avoid making lots of twists and turns in the line leading up to your checkout registers. Instead, add just a few turns, because this is not only easy for customers to follow, it also keeps the line from extending straight out into the shopping area.

As you rearrange your barriers, it may also be time to retire some of your old barriers and invest in new ones. The crowd control options offered today come in a wide range of styles and colors. This makes it easy to find barriers that fit in with the interior design of your store. This is especially important for those specialty retail shops — where appearances are very important! The last thing you want is for your crowd control options to be ugly and make your store appear less like a store and more like a prison. Velvet ropes add a beautiful touch to any store, and they allow you to control the crowds and lines without sacrificing the beauty of your store.

Investing in new barrier methods will help you create a warm, welcoming environment inside of your store, while still maintaining the design theme you crave. Of course, you can always remove all barriers until the next holiday season, but it’s easier to keep your customers accustomed to following the rules all year round, instead of springing the changes on them at the last minute.

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