Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and a cast iron base, QueuePro is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, retail stores, stadiums, and arenas.

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Traffic Cone 280 Reflective Colars Weighted Bases


Weighted Bases for Stability


Our traffic cones are 28" high, heavy walled and having weighted bases are ideal for use with ConePro barriers. For the ConePro 500 the cone can be used alone, for the ConePro 600 we recommend a cone weight for additional stability. Alternatively, cones can be double stacked. Cones are available with an optional reflective stripe. 


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Traffic Cone 280 Reflective Colars Weighted Bases Technical Specs

  • Height: 28"
  • Base: 14"x14"
  • Weight 10lbs.
  • Color: Orange w/ reflective colars
  • Traffic Cone Features

    Traffic Cone Barriers

    Turns Traffic Cones Into Barriers

    ConePro is a light, portable retracting belt unit that fits onto most types of traffic cones and is more effective at restricting access than cones alone. All ConePro models feature a heavy duty woven nylon belt that wont fray or break even in the toughest conditions. 

    Traffic Cones

    Weighted Bases for Stability

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    Each ConePro unit has 4-way connectivity, an out going belt, and 3 receiver clips to accept in coming belts. This enables belts to be attached from any angle and allows any shape of cordon to be created.

    Belt Options

    More Durable, Longer Lengths, More Colors

    The ConePro belts are made from heavy gauge woven nylon which won't fray or pucker and will last the life of the unit. Length options range from 10' to 40', the longest available in a cone mounter barrier. Long belt lengths reduce the number of cones required saving set up time and purchase cost. ConePro belts are available in over 30 colors and 15 stock safety messages.