Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and a cast iron base, QueuePro is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, retail stores, stadiums, and arenas.

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Umbrella Bags For Barriers Stanchions


Umbrella bags 1000 count per order.


Select the size when ordering.


  • Bag Size (small) 5.25"x17.5"
  • Bag Size (large) 5.25"x28"


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 Umbrella Stand Features

Umbrella Stand

Prevent Slips & Falls

Providing plastic bags for your customer's wet umbrellas helps to keep floors dry reducing the risk of slips and falls The Umbrella Bag Frame turns a queue stanchion into a plastic bag dispenser. The frame simply slips onto the top of the stanchion, fits firmly, and is easily removable. The heavy duty 11" X 14" frame can be used for signs advising customers to take a bag.