Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and a cast iron base, QueuePro is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, retail stores, stadiums, and arenas.

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QueueMaster SD Barriers with long 13' belts indicating 6FT Social Distancing are ideal for setting up temporary, large customer queues in these difficult days.


This stylish Barrier Stanchion in Polished Stainless finish features a black belt that shows 6FT distancing markings required to keep people in the queue safe.

Barriers Stanchions Features

Key Safety Features

Belt Brake & Belt Lock

QueueMaster is fitted with the key safety features of belt lock and slow retract braking system and provides a functional, low cost solution for forming customer queues.

Floor Protection

Full Circumference Floor Protector as Standard

QueueMaster features a full circumference rubber floor protector giving maximum protection for 
expensive show room floors.